Augmented Reality / Interactive Print

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) enriches the real-world environment by overlaying digital elements, such as images, information, or interactive experiences. Utilizing devices like smartphones or AR glasses, it enhances perception, offering an immersive blend of the physical and virtual worlds. AR transforms how we interact with surroundings, making information more engaging and interactive.

What is Interactive Print?

Interactive print merges traditional print media with digital interactivity. By incorporating elements like Dynamic QR codes or augmented reality (WebAR/AppAR), users can engage with additional digital content. This synergy enhances the reader’s experience, providing dynamic connections between the physical and digital realms, transforming static print into an interactive, engaging and measurable medium.

WebAR vs. AppAR

WebAR and AppAR represent two approaches to augmented reality. WebAR allows users to access AR experiences directly through a web browser without downloading an app, offering instant engagement. On the other hand, AppAR involves downloading a dedicated app for AR interactions, providing potentially richer features but requiring installation. WebAR is more accessible, while AppAR may offer a more tailored experience. The choice depends on accessibility preferences, desired features, and the balance between convenience and customization for AR engagement.

How to Choose Between WebAR and AppAR?

When choosing between WebAR and AppAR, consider accessibility, user experience, and functionality. If widespread accessibility is crucial and immediate engagement is preferred, WebAR is ideal. For richer, customized experiences with potentially more advanced features, AppAR may be suitable. Evaluate your audience’s convenience, the desired level of interaction, and the balance between accessibility and specialized functionality to make an informed decision tailored to your requirements.

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Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality marketing projects

  • WestsideBMW Pull up Banner
    Westside BMW - AR Pull-up Banners
    Westside BMW launched an Augmented Reality marketing campaign to promote their BMW 118i and the BMW X3. Two pull-up banners were placed at the Indooroopilly shopping centre ...
  • Geotargeting - UnifiedAR
    Geo targeted video delivered via gift card
    Deliver geo targeted special offers via credit and debit cards UnifiedAR enabled a bank to deliver information about special offers available to their credit card holder...
  • Harcourts Stafford - AR
    Augmented Reality 'For Sale' Signs
    Harcourts Connections Stafford using Augmented Reality in on 'For Sale' signs to deliver property videos and contact potential buyers by tracking engagement.
  • McGrath-Real-Estate-AR
    McGrath, Bringing Properties to Life
    McGrath real estate brings their printed property listings to life with interactive video ads.
  • AIS-Water-Augmented-Reality
    AIS Water Video Testimonial
    AIS water, brining their corporate brochure to life with interactive video testimonials.
  • 2D floor Plan to 3D Render for AR
    3D Floor Plans on Print
    Use augmented reality to bring your property brochures to life with interactive 3D floor plans.


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