Augmented Reality Product Gallery (Online Retails Shop)

Convert your retail store to a virtual store. Augmented reality enables you to take your products to your customers

Rethink your retail business strategy with the new COVID19 lock out and social distancing rules. Augmented reality lets retail stores take their products to their customers and do business without the personal interaction.

Get your own branded AR apps with in weeks using our white-labelled solution. Price starts from $595 per month for both Apple and Android apps including ongoing app maintenance.

See Examples

Below examples show how your customers can use your augmented reality (AR) product gallery app to interact with the real size product from the comfort of their home/office and order online. Our 3D artists can help with converting your products in to 3D AR products and upload in to your app.

What You Get With Your AR Apps

Apps for Android and Apple

Augmented Reality Product Gallery 1

White labeled AR product apps start from $595 per month. Includes apps for Apple and Android devices and ongoing maintenance of the apps to stay compatible with the latest Apple and Android operating systems, technology and devices.

Content Management System

Augmented Reality Product Gallery 2

Upload and manage augmented reality experiences, call to actions and send push notifications. Integrate your AR product gallery with your online store allowing people to engage with realistic products and make a purchase online. AR experiences can be integrated with email marketing and CRMs via web forms to trigger automated email and SMS campaigns.

3D Production

Augmented Reality Product Gallery 3

Send us photos of your products and our 3D artists will create realistic 3D products that are high detailed and optimised for mobile devices. Price vary based on number of products and the complexity of each product. Contact us for a quote.


Augmented Reality Product Gallery 4

Monitor the campaign performance using the inbuilt live reporting module. The reporting module provides metrics on how often campaigns are viewed, how many times a call to action has been clicked on and where campaigns are being viewed from.

App updates & Support

Augmented Reality Product Gallery 5

Total peace of mind with us looking after your app updates and re-submission to app stores when Android and Apple update their operating systems or devices.


Augmented Reality Product Gallery 6

Customise the app suit the business requirements by adding unique features. I.e. AR app of a hotel could have features to make a booking after experiencing an AR advertisement printed on a brochure or a magazine.

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