Virtual Showrooms

Convert your eCommerce website into a virtual showroom using web based augmented reality (WebAR). No Apps required

People can check out your products in real size from the comfort of their home. Your website visitors can simply scan a QR code or click on a button and place the product in their space in 3D. Improve buyer’s experience, increase purchases and reach a wider audience with a virtual showroom.

What You Get With WebAR Studio

WebAR Technology

Upload your products in 3D and generate the URLs and the QR codes which you can place on your website and even on your print marketing such as brochures, product catalogues, print advertising. You can share these URLs or QR codes via social media so your customers can experience your products in 3D.

Content Management System

Simple to use content management system allows you to upload and manage your AR products, set call to actions and generate QR codes and URLs which can be placed on your website, print marketing and share on social media. Access to all this from just $9 per month.

3D Production

If you require our help to convert your products into a 3D virtual showroom, simply send us the product photos and ur 3D modellers will create realistic 3D products that are high detailed and optimised for mobile devices. Contact us for more details and a free demo.


Live reports will show you how your customers are trying out your products, their geographic location, which products were viewed, etc. Connect these customers with social media and retarget them with social media ads.

Interactive Printing

Connect your print marketing with your 3D virtual store and let your customers experience your products straight from print advertising such as brochures, advertisements, catalogues. Your users can make a purchase straight from your print marketing.

Try out WebAR

Your customers can experience your products by scanning a QR code or clicking on a button on your website. No app downloading required. Save cost on building and maintaining apps.

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