Geotargeting – Deliver Geo Targeted  Special Offers via Credit and Debit Cards

UnifiedAR enabled a bank to deliver information about special offers available to their credit card holders based on the customer’s current location (geotargeting).


  • Six markers were set up in UnifiedAR for various types of credit cards offered by the bank (i.e. Platinum Visa and Master, Gold Visa and Master, Silver Visa and Master)
  • Digital Glare was able to customise the UnifiedAR backend for the bank to deliver multiple videos based on customer’s current location
  • The bank was able to upload multiple videos to each marker and assign a location/geographic area for each video.
  • When a customer scanned their credit card (marker) using the UnifiedAR app the relevant video was shown on the credit card, based on customer’s location.
  • The customer was able to see the restaurant and shopping offers available for the credit card where he or she was and use the call to action to find out more details.


The bank was able to track customer engagement with each of their cards separately, as well as popular locations and the customer’s preferred offers.