Augmented Reality ‘For Sale’ Signs

Augmented Reality ‘For Sale’ Signs

Showing Homes Without Being Physically There

Standard property inspections usually run between 15 to 30 minutes with agents opening the homes for potential buyers. But what happens when a prospective buyer discovers a property outside of inspection times?

With multiple homes showing in a single day, house hunters are bound to abandon inspections that clash with their schedule. With AR tech, buyers are no longer limited to the inspection times to see a house they are interested in. One property agency, Harcourts Stafford, uses AR to transform their property signage into digital home tours. Their potential buyers who’ve missed an inspection or have discovered a property can ‘view’ the home without the agent being physically there.

24/7 Reports
Real estate agents at the Harcourts Connection Stafford have access to detailed reports showing the potential buyers who walked passed the property and looked at the ‘For Sale’ sign. Real estate agents are able to re-engage with these contacts via push notifications informing them of open home time and other information.


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