Westside BMW X AR Campaign | Digital Glare - Brisbane Mobile App Developer

Westside BMW X Range Augmented Reality

Westside BMW rolled out Augmented Reality markers at the showroom for their X range vehicles. The BMW X1 to X6 had an Augmented Reality marker placed on the vehicle specification stand next to each vehicle. Users are able to scan the marker using the UnifiedAR app and watch a TV commercial or a product review then request a brochure or test drive.


  • Users were able to download the free UnifiedAR app from Apple and Android app stores and scan the marker to watch the video
  • A call to action prompted the viewer to opt-in to receive the brochure or register for a test drive
  • The opt-in form was integrated with Vision6 email marketing system to capture data and trigger an automated email with the vehicle’s product brochure
  • The marketing team at Westside BMW was able to track the visitors’ engagement with each vehicle and track the popularity of each car.