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Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy

In order to maximize your market share, experts recommend the integration of traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, there are many people these days who think that performing more online marketing makes sense given that traditional methods are so yesterday. This is not the case. In fact, the combination of traditional and digital methods is far more effective than using either one on their own.

So, what are the traditional marketing tactics? They come in many different forms and include channels such as TV, radio, billboards and print. These all have proven high success rates. But with the turn of the millennium and the introduction of many new technologies in digital form, these traditional marketing methods have been dramatically replaced by digital marketing strategies. This is not surprising because digital media can provide a business with maximum exposure as well as more interaction with customers.

Moreover, digital marketing is also less expensive and is more measurable when compared to traditional marketing. Traditional and digital marketing strategies can however be combined, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both whilst allowing each to complement the other. The integrated social media marketing strategy comprises of three basic methods. You can combine traditional and digital marketing campaigns so that you can maximize your marketing impact:

Active & Passive

This entails the use of traditional (passive) and digital marketing (active) in promoting products or services. They complement each other and work together in meeting the objectives of the company. While TV ad and print ads are good in providing information, they also incorporate messages or call to action of some sorts, encouraging customers to look for more information online about the products or services.

Multiple Channels

By combining traditional and digital marketing campaigns, your company is able to spread its message across multiple channels, thus making it possible for you to reach and acquire more potential customers. McDonald’s, for example makes use of multiple channels like billboards, print ads, TV ads and online ads to reach all kinds of customers.

More Personal

Traditional marketing aims to reach a broader customer base but digital marketing aims to reach a more specific audience. Hence, digital marketing is something that you can use to build deeper relationships with customers. Both can be combined together to create an ad with a more personal touch.

Do you want to have a marketing plan for your business thats more effective? Take the time to integrate traditional and digital marketing today.

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