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Augmented Reality Packages

Augmented Reality Packages

Want to integrate augmented reality into your marketing mix?

We can have your augmented reality mobile app and campaigns ready with in 2 to 3 weeks. No upfront development costs and no long contracts. Packages start from $750 per month and includes everything you need to get started.

Augmented Reality Packages Brisbane

AR Print Packages

Integrate augmented reality into your print marketing. Deliver interactive video and 3D content through business cards, brochures and flyers. Check out our AR print packages. Order your AR print collateral and we will print, set up AR experiences and deliver it to you.

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AR Wine Labels

Let your customers interact with your products through augmented reality wine labels. A branded mobile app with AR will enable your customers to scan the wine label and find out product information, special offers, or deliver the brand story. Direct customers straight to your online store or to the wine club. Start connecting with your customers now. Get your apps from just $750 per month and ready in just 2 weeks.

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AR Apps for Schools

Share video testimonials of students, parents and teachers straight from your print brochures and advertisements. Create interactive year books and share student work through augmented reality. Deliver video and 3D content straight from your print marketing and engage with students, teachers, parents and potential customers. Packages start from $750 per month, no set up costs.

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AR Apps for Property Developers

Bring your print marketing collateral to life with 3D floor plans, 3D architectural renders and virtual reality walk throughs. Let your audience experience their new home with markerless AR. Track and measure engagement and reengage with your audience using push notifications. Packages start from just $750 per month, no set up or contracts. Contact us for a demo.

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