Choosing to use a Content Management System (CMS) over a Website Builder is a bit of a no brainer, but how do you choose which of the many capable CMS platforms to use? Here at Digital Glare, we use WordPress and know it like the back of our hand. It is by far one of the most versatile platforms available. Here are a few of the many reasons WordPress as our CMS of choice:


WordPress is Easy to Use

Not familiar with the language of coding? No problem. You can use WordPress without any knowledge of PHP, HTML or FTP software. WordPress is a self-contained system and, once it is set up, editing and updating is a breeze.

If you know how to create a Word document with images and headings, you’ll know how to publish a page or post using WordPress. It is super simple to create pages, posts, upload images, documents, video files and much more. Formatting these items is also simple and efficient. You can even edit your photos within WordPress itself.

The actual interface is extremely intuitive, everything is where you think it will be.

It Has an Array of Themes & Templates Available

Changing the look of your WordPress website is as easy as updating the theme. There are thousands of themes, both paid and free, available. All of which are, to some extent, customizable.

Generally speaking, the paid themes are usually more interesting and advanced. The more advanced a theme the more visually appealing, customizable and possibilities it provides.

Plugins Make Life Easy

WordPress plugins are individual pieces of software designed to improve the functionality of your site. There are countless plugins available for just about everything from SEO to social media feeds.

Plugins are designed so that a WordPress site can flourish without the need for advanced coding and programing.

It is a Great Platform for Blogging

Because WordPress was originally created to be used as a blogging platform, it has advanced inbuilt blogging capabilities. It is extremely simple to set up a blog page, add posts to the blog, set up email subscriptions, add recent blog posts to other pages and enable commenting capabilities. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to create regular content, gain reach and improve SEO for your business, hence a good blogging platform is invaluable.

It is Good for SEO

Speaking of SEO, WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly CMS platforms available. SEO is affected by a number of factors, many of which are naturally accounted for in the structure of WordPress. Other factors such as SEO titles, meta descriptions and site maps can be easily addressed using SEO plugins such as SEO Yoast.

Google is a big fan of WordPress and recommends the platform for business sites.

It is Scalable

All businesses aim to grow and as such, your businesses website needs to be able to grow alongside your business. Luckily, WordPress websites are completely scalable. You might begin with a single page website and before you know it your website has hundreds of blog posts, numerous pages and an inbuilt e-commerce store. The site can look and feel exactly the same as it grows, the performance will not be compromised and growth can be achieved gradually or overnight.

Not only is WordPress scalable but it can be easily moved from one hosting environment to another without any issues. You’ll also find plenty of talented developers that are able to assist with any of your requirements.

Provides Great Accessibility

WordPress provides multiple administrators and users with access to the website backend. Administrators of WordPress sites can set-up as many users as they wish and also assign different access levels and capabilities for each user.

This can be extremely helpful for businesses that for example have a person dedicated to blog writing who does not need, or should not have access to the pages or products of a website. Their user profile can be set up so that they are still able to create and upload blogs but not see or edit anything else.

WordPress is A Supported Community

WordPress has an ever-increasing community of engaged users, designers and developers. As such, help is never far away. Need a very specific plugin? Chances are someone else does too.

Because the community is so big, the answer to your questions are almost always at your fingertips. The WordPress theme and plugin developers are always more than willing to help in any way possible when it comes to their products and there are also thousands of businesses and developers who dedicate their time to designing, developing, maintaining and troubleshooting WordPress websites.