Have you been struggling to capture your website customer list into your Vision6 email marketing system?

Any online business owner working with an eCommerce website knows just how important it is to keep in touch with your online customers regularly. From product updates to gift certificates and special deals, it is crucial to engage with customers and encourage them to re-visit your website and purchase more products. After all, it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer, than to keep an existing one.

As reported by MarketingSherpa, returning visitors generate around one third of the businesses on eCommerce websites. This is why it is imperative to build a strong email and SMS marketing strategy, to keep in touch with current buyers and encourage them to revisit your website for continued business.

One of the biggest pain points eCommerce businesses face, is that their eCommerce websites doesnt have a powerful email/SMS marketing system integrated. This makes it difficult to implement any sort of automated lifecycle marketing strategy. Often the only option is to utilise an external email marketing system, such as Vision6. While this does enables businesses to carry out email and SMS marketing strategies, it can be a pain to download and upload data manually between the website and the email marketing system. This process is extremely time and definitely lacks efficiency.

Integrate your eCommerce website with your Vision6 email marketing system seamlessly

If youre using WordPress with WooCommerce for your online shopping website, Digital Glare have developed a plugin that will sync your website contact list directly with the Vision6 email marketing system.

Vision6 is a powerful email marketing system that enables you to send out highly targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns. Digital Glares plugin will enable you to seamlessly capture all website transactions, buyer information and order statuses immediately into your Vision6 email marketing system. This allows businesses to implement automated marketing campaigns that trigger based on customers buying habits and order statuses.

Some automated campaigns that you can set up include:

  • Send out email campaigns to customers who have bought a certain product, to encourage more purchases. i.e. if a customer purchases business shirts, an email with accessories such as cufflinks and ties will trigger automatically.
  • Send an email or SMS message automatically when the order status changed to alert the products are being shipped.
  • Send automated payment reminders for customers who opt-in to pay via EFT when placing the order.

Requirements to install our plugin

  • Your eCommerce website must be built on WordPress using WooCommerce
  • You require an active Vision6 account

How does it work?

Upload the Vision6Sync plugin to your WordPress (WooCommerce) website

Install Vision6 plugin for WooCommerce

Connect the website with Vision6 using an API key from Vision6

Create API in Vision6

Plugin will start syncing your website orders with a list in Vision6. You can sync the orders that were in your website before installing the plugin using the manual sync option.

If you would like to discuss your eCommerce website and the email marketing automation, please feel free to contact_us@digitalglare.com.au