If you have been watching your email marketing reports or if you have been following the email marketing space for some time, you may have noticed the shift in open rates from predominately desktop to mobile devices. It is becoming more common to open emails on a mobile device and it may have yourself or your clients thinking, Why dont my emails display nicely on my mobile?

This is most likely due to your email not being coded to have a mobile friendly, or Responsive, version of the template. A responsive design means that your email will change its layout depending on whether it is viewed on a desktop or mobile screen. The content will remain the same, but on mobile the font size will increase and the design will change so you dont have to pinch the screen and zoom in to read anything.

If you would like us to have a look at your current email marketing materials and convert them into a responsive design, or would like to start off with a fresh, responsive template, feel free to contact us and we can get started. If you are interested in how to design for responsive or would like to know more about best practices and our process, read on.



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