SEO can be a confusing and arduous task to undertake. Where your website sits on that long list of search results is dependent on how relevant search engines deem the page to be for users. There are several techniques both on-page and off-page that must to implemented to improve the ranking of websites on search engines.

Most business owners understand the importance of search engine rankings, however are hesitant to engage a professional Search Engine Optimization team. There are many concerns given the technical nature of SEO. What am I actually paying for? Will I see real results?

Let us tell you more about the real results our SEO team are delivering

Our SEO team have been focusing their efforts on improving our relatively new Cool Marketing Packages website. Through both on-page and off-page optimization, we have achieved great results. Search rankings, visibility and traffic to the Cool Marketing Packages website have all improved.

Cool Marketing SEO

The Search Engine Optimization team have focused on on-page SEO techniques such as; content, slug, title and meta descriptions to improve keywords with low competition and low-medium average searches.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization techniques are also incredibly important and promote your business. They are also used to create backlinks. Everything from directory submissions and search engine submissions to blog writing and article submissions are vital in optimizing a website.

Cool Marketing Keyword SEO Results

Regular monitoring of the keywords that are being optimized is used to gauge how successful the optimization is and directs any necessary changes to the strategy.

Cool Marketing SEO

Our Clients SEO

Many of our clients have also seen great success after engaging Digital Glare for SEO.

Elves SEO

Precision Equine SEO

Neglecting Search Engine Optimization can have some serious consequences for a business. In the worst case scenario, your website may even be invisible to search engines. Here at Digital Glare, we can make sure that your business isnt wearing an invisibility cloak when search engines go looking for you.