Here at Digital Glare, we have custom designed and built a reporting dashboard so that it is super easy for you to keep track of how your marketing is performing 24/7, pretty COOL right?


When it comes to the success of digital marketing, reporting is half the battle. Reporting tools provide crucial data about your customers, how well your marketing is reaching these customers and how well your website is working to convert leads.

Because digital marketing includes so many different facets, it can often be difficult to keep track of all of your reports. It is even more difficult to compare and contrast these different reports. That is precisely why we have built the COOL Marketing Dashboard.

The COOL Marketing Dashboard provides a central platform to connect all of the reports and insights from your website, social media & email marketing platforms. It is easy to use and provides you with all of the information you need to see exactly how well your business is performing online. There is no need to log in to all of your accounts individually. There is no need to try and extrapolate relevant insights from cluttered reporting tools. We have made it super easy for you. Everything that you need is all in the one COOL place.

Our Cool Marketing customers are the very first people to access the dashboard and so far, the response has been great! We are still working to improve the dashboard and truly believe that it has unlimited potential. The beauty of this is that your suggestions can and will be taken on board. If you need a function that isnt currently possible in the dashboard, we can build it for you!


For more information about our COOL Marketing Dashboard and how you can access it please get in touch