Another rapidly growing area of technology is beacon technology. Beacons are small devices that transmit signals to devices, such as smartphones, when they are located within a certain range.

These devices are primarily used to carry out proximity marketing. They provide businesses with the ability to make transmit relevant, targeted information and messages to nearby devices. It is important to note, however that beacons do not send notifications directly to users phones; mobile apps do. The beacons are used to send messages to apps when they enter the beacons range, which then update users.

Once a physical beacon has been installed, all users that possess the necessary app and have their Bluetooth switched on can be marketed to via that beacon

How you can use Beacon Technology

Beacon Marketing provides businesses with the unique opportunity to leverage their customers physical context by delivering targeted messaging based on where they are and what they are doing at that time. It is all about reaching the right person at the right time.

Beacons have seen success in a number of industries and enterprises such as; retail, education, airports, hospitals, sports and arenas.

Beacon marketing offers brick-and-mortar retailers huge potential to contact customers as they enter different areas of their store. These businesses use beacons to send special offers, assist in decision making, upselling and tracking their customers purchase journey. The goal is to engage and provide value to customers, thus increasing sales and loyalty.

Beacons can also be used very successfully as a means of logistics. Hospitals, airports, schools, sports venues etc. have the ability to use beacons to provide information such as; seating, emergency exits, directions, time frames, delays, staff instructions and so on. For example – rather than having a staff member standing at every entrance at a concert, beacons could transmit instructions to attendees about where their seats are. Beacons are also ideal for driving customers into a venue or store to take advantage of offers or competitions that are only available instore.

Beacons also provide marketers with extremely specific and detailed data collection. Beacon technology can provide unparalleled insights into the real-time behaviour of consumers, thus improving their ability to send personalized messages to these people.

The ability to identify and send unique messages to specific people based on location is extremely powerful. Find out more today