Beacon or location based marketing is a is a technology that allows marketers to connect with potential customers when they are close to stores or other places of interest. It allows them to connect with then then and there. Beacon Marketing is expected to be especially prevalent in the retail industry as it allows stores to connect with buyers, when they are in a buying state.

We live in a world of cutting-edge technologies, and when it comes to effective marketing procedures there is one technology that can make a huge difference – beacon marketing! Currently marketers are looking for ways to capitalize on the functionality of beacons to push notifications to potential customers phones. In countries such as in the United States, over one million beacons are expected to be installed this year alone.

By using other platforms, beacon marketing is no longer limited to communicating only with the brands own app. Today, many brands have the ability to integrate their beacons with the products and services of Google including their own and partners apps.

This technology will enhance consumer experience significantly as consumers receive a friction-less shopping experience. This is because this process entails fewer gaps between varying channels. Beacon marketing provides notifications that make shopping experience better than ever before. Beacon marketing also makes it easier for consumers to gather useful information about a particular product, such as its availability and location.

On the part of the retailer, beacon marketing provides them with the opportunity to reach the right target at the right time with the use of the right message. It also comes with fresh and improved metrics that can help gauge and measure buyer behaviors.

The effective use of beacon marketing is your ticket to an improved customer experience with your brand, products and services.

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