Augmented Reality is not new. Its been around for years in one form or another. However, its impact in the market has been heavily determined by the device technology through which it was being delivered.

Now that these devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and eyewear, are more capable of delivering rich digital media, the world of augmented reality is quickly becoming mainstream. AR is now a pivotal tool in enhancing a consumers experience and engagement.

What Is Augmented Reality

So, what is Augmented Reality and what can you do with it? The Oxford Dictionary defines augmented as having been made greater in size or value and reality as the state of things as they actually exist. Hence Augmented Reality is the state of things as they are but greater in value. In the context of this blog, making the print consumers see, of greater value. Pretty cool eh?

How Augmented Reality Works

Before going too much into what you can do with Augmented Reality, lets have a quick look at how its done. Augmented Reality is achieved using a trigger, otherwise known as a marker, to layer digital content, or target, over the top of a real-world environment. More often than not, the marker is an image, graphic or item that can be easily identified through the lens of a device. Whilst the target can be a video, digital content, 3d model, website, or pretty much anything that can be delivered digitally. The way an augmented reality app works is that, via a device, it identifies a marker and then delivers the associated target back to the device. Because the target media is digital it means it is also highly trackable; you can tell who accessed the media, when they accessed it and how many times etc. The reporting available to augmented reality content is extremely powerful.? So we now know what augmented reality is and how it works. But how can it be used to enhance a readers experience and engagement with print media?

Bringing Print to Life

Imagine if readers of a real estate magazine could scan a property and be taken straight into an interactive tour or video. Or if shoppers looking for a holiday could view a brochure and on their phone and be taken on an interactive tour of potential destinations. How about a new car buyer being able to scan a magazine advert and engage with an interactive 3D model of their dream car? Changing colours, opening and closing doors and checking out the interior – all from the comfort of their own lounge. Lets not forget new home buyers being able to engage in 3D tours of a selection of properties delivered straight from the brochures that they picked up at the display village earlier that day.

The print media used to execute this technology doesn’t need to be a brochure or magazine either. Using Augmented Reality, you can bring any print to life; store signage, bus shelters, posters, the applications are virtually limitless. Printed media has never been so engaging … and let’s not forget, measurable.


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